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Andrew Wuorinen
May 30, 2017

Sharing a lot of music


Yea, like the title says, going to be sharing a lot of music. I'll do my best to share music you might enjoy. I mean sure I'll throw personal favs but I do hope you'll enjoy them as well^_^

Andrew Wuorinen
May 30, 2017

I suppose I'll start with this band since I bought it up before. Since KoRn has been played a lot I felt sharing a band called Adema. The singer is actually Johnathan Davis's (KoRn's singer) half brother. It's funny how I found these guys mainly from a Monster Hunter vid a long time ago as they decided to play Adema.

Adema - The Way You Like It



And I love this one a lot, especially since it's literally a Mortal Kombat music video XD

Adema - Immortal


Andrew Wuorinen
May 30, 2017

This is an odd band but unique. This band is called Kontrust. Honestly their music is something you can definitely dance to. The very first vid I ever watch from them was a weird Sock Puppet video dancing around.

KONTRUST - Sock 'n' Doll



I personally like this one a lot if you literally like dancing. XD (try dancing along!)




And last one because I personally enjoy this one a lot XD




Andrew Wuorinen
May 30, 2017

Now this one I just personally love because being a Finnish descendant. I admit it's an odd band. It's a Finnish Dinosaur metal band called Hevisaurus. A band that teaches kids about metal. Now this I wish I grew up with. I mean if you grew up with Barney and all then you'll get where this is going. It's a pretty fun band. It's funny how my brother came across this band by accident when researching any dinosaurs from Finland and that popped up. Of course sharing the first video saw from these guys XD

Hevisaurus - Juranoid


BabyZelda ♡ Admin
May 30, 2017

Yay! Looking forward to checking out your music! I'm currently trying to populate the forum topics with posts, but I'll be coming back to this thread soon with comments on the music you linked! <3 Good to see you here Andyyy o.o

Andrew Wuorinen
May 30, 2017

You're welcome and yay. Can't wait for you to listen^_^

Andrew Wuorinen
May 30, 2017

Well I'm sure (though I could be wrong) you all know of Nightwish. A personal fav band that many share (including YouTubers like JonTron). I love Nightwish a lot and not to mention I am related to the guitarist Emppu Vuorinen. We are from the same bloodline though he remains in the Finnish bloodline while my family is the Finnish American branch. There's like a lot of songs to share really. I'll just share some. As a small note this band has replaced the singer a couple times so right now we are on the third singer.


Nightwish - Wish I Had an Angel



NIGHTWISH - Bye Bye Beautiful



Nightwish - Nemo



I like this one because they made a whole music with their music. This video is both being an official video and shows behind the scenes and such to the movie^_^

NIGHTWISH - Storytime


Andrew Wuorinen
May 30, 2017

This is band is an interesting one. It's called Machinae Supremacy. A Swedish metal band that uses chiptunes (8-bit music). It's an interesting combination. Obviously they love video games and surprisingly big anime fans as well^_^


Funny how I got introduce to them with this song. XD

Machinae Supremacy - The Villain Of This Story



This song gets me pumped up, especially how they use the chiptunes in this one XD

Machinae Supremacy - The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall



Funny how this is an official AMV on their YouTube page XD

Machinae Supremacy - Gimme More


Andrew Wuorinen
May 30, 2017

Now this one is an awesome group. It's an anime / video game / band. A series / band called Bakumatsu Rock. It's a Japanese group of course with best voice actors / singers out there in one big group. You could the same for fellow other Japanese groups that perform in anime and such. You might recognize some of the singers (especially the lead singer) in this. (hope they don't remove these because of copyright and some might not be the full songs)


Main song they love to use a lot

Bakumatsu Rock - What's this?



Opening theme though it is from a Japanese band called vistlip



Keyboardist singing this one

Bakumatsu Rock - Feedback



Bassist singing this one (personal fav)

Bakumatsu Rock - Reaction



Main villain singing this one and surprise note it's one of the voices of Link from Zelda.

Bakumatsu Rock - Space Wing



American villain for the second story.

Bakumatsu Rock - God Breath



Sucks I can't find all the songs because again copyright. I mean there's still plenty of songs out there.

Andrew Wuorinen
May 30, 2017

Will post more songs later^_^

Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017

Idk if you heard of them before but thought I share anyway. This is a Kawaii metal band called Babymetal. Kawaii metal is basically when fusing heavy metal with J-Pop. Thought it was funny when they had a reaction video Markiplier was one of them and really enjoys the band XD


This was the first song I was introduce when listening to them.

BABYMETAL - Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!!



Many seem to love this song a lot.

BABYMETAL - Gimme chocolate!!



And I just personally love this one!



Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017

Continuing with Kawaii Metal I thought I share a group call Ladybaby. What makes this group stand out a lot is their heavy metal vocalist is an Australian male professional wrestler who crossdresses and calls himself Ladybeard. Their videos are pretty amusing. I mean when showing this to my father he loved the music so much and laughed so hard on how it was. Plus, I say it's fun to dance to as well XD

LADYBABY - Nippon manju


Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017

One last Kawaii metal band to share is Doll$Boxx. When looking up if other Kawaii metal groups I came across them where I like their music. The first music video I found is pretty amusing as well^_^

Doll$Boxx - Take my Chance


Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017

This band I'm sure you probably know if you watch a lot of anime. Not the mention the lead singer is also the lead singer for the series Bakumatsu Rock. This group is called Granrodeo. This band specializes in making anime soundtracks. I mean if you look them up it's all anime music from them. They still have official music videos of course. I'll just show a couple of main favs^_^

GRANRODEO - Can Do (Kuroko's Basketball opening theme)



GRANRODEO - The Other self (Kuroko's Basketball 2 opening theme)



GRANRODEO - Henaino Rondo (Karneval opening theme)



Granrodeo - Detarame Na Zanzou (Blassreiter opening theme)



Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017

Now going to start sharing some personal fav bands. I will admit that yes, most of the music I'm going to be sharing here are more goth type metal or more symphonic music like how I share Nightwish before. I mean if not your thing it's all good. Just thought I share them anyway^_^

Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017Edited: May 31, 2017

This band is one of my favs call Epica. That name says it all really XD. I love their music so much because how they mix metal with an entire orchestral group behind it. They basically mix many styles with their music but you can still tell it's them. It's funny again I found this band because someone played it in their Monster Hunter play-through. I will admit they got some pretty long songs so I'll probably just share one long one, one short but def fav, and something else.

This is one of their longer songs. One of the first songs I listen to when first being introduce to them and that person did play it in his Monster Hunter vid. Over 26 million views. Geez, that's a lot 0_0

EPICA - Cry For The Moon



Well I guess a bit of a long one but not too long. Do like this music video with its visuals, especially with its heavy tones with black and white.

EPICA - Storm The Sorrow



Probably my favorite song from them of all time really. I just love everything about the song. Wish they had more of a music video instead of a official lyric video. Oh well. Still an amazing song.

EPICA - The Essence Of Silence



My brother heavily suggest I share this song as well because it's pretty awesome as well.

EPICA - Never Enough



And here's something interesting. They did a Pirates Of The Caribbean cover. My brother shared it on one of Jirard the Completionist's live streams and he fell in love with them. It was pretty amusing to see that XD

Epica-Pirates Of The Caribbean



Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017

This is one of my top fav bands called Kamelot. I was surprise to know it's an American band though their music sounds like it be outside the US like with Finland and Sweden. I'll be sharing both singers and see what you think. I mean I love both just as equally. Some like one more than the other. So we'll see your thoughts.


This is the old singer and was the first video we found when discovering them. My brother and I were like starting college and since having more internet access we thought let's look up more bands. Found this band and just fell in love with these guys. This is one of the only songs they play on the radio. I wish they played more of them really. Oh well. Still an amazing song^_^

KAMELOT feat. SHAGRATH - March Of Mephisto



This one features the singer of Epica that I just shared. Interesting fact, the singer of Epica is with the keyboardist to Kamelot and have children together

Kamelot & Simone Simons - The Haunting



Kamelot - Ghost Opera



Kamelot - The Human Stain



This is definitely one of my top favs from the old singer^_^

Kamelot - Rule The World



And now for the new singer. Do love the song but the video can be rather depressing because of the meaning behind it. Still love the song^~^

KAMELOT - Sacrimony



And this one, though personally love the second song much more, is a two-part story music video. Like you have to watch both to see how it plays out

KAMELOT - Insomnia


KAMELOT - Liar Liar ft. Alissa White-Gluz



KAMELOT - My Therapy



I think I have too many favs from Kamelot. I mean I did said one of my top fav bands. Funny thing that the group Eklipse I was able to get a photo with one of the band members when seeing Kamelot live. I'll just add a photo for the heck of it. Lol^^

KAMELOT - My Confession ft. Eklipse



Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017

Another one of my top fav bands called Evergrey. I really love how their melody is played in their music and love the singer's vocals a lot. He just has that voice that hooks me in.

Evergrey - A Touch of Blessing



Evergrey - Wrong



EVERGREY - Distance



Interesting fact on the guest singer is she's the current singer of Nightwish

EVERGREY - In Orbit feat. Floor Jansen



Probably one of my fav songs of all time from them because can be relatable when reading the lyrics.

EVERGREY - Passing Through


Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017

Now this is an interesting band because of the instruments they use. Never thought they can make flute playing so bad ass. XD This band's name is Eluveitie.


This was the first video I was introduced when finding new bands.




Just a bad ass song XD




Now this song introduce a female singer and has started playing more current songs where I don't mind this change. I like her singing. And yea, the title saying Epona just makes you think Zelda right away XD

ELUVEITIE - A Rose For Epona


Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017

Well this is a power metal band with a female singer. Pretty good singer. The band's name is Unleash the Archers. As for the music video it's pretty awesome if you love Mad Max Fury Road. Lol XD



Andrew Wuorinen
May 31, 2017

Will get back to sharing music later^~^

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  • BabyZelda ♡ Admin
    Jul 17, 2017

    a.k.a. (hed) p.e. ... forgot I liked this band! Nostalgic. Music video is their song Bartender. Feel free to just randomly share fun to watch music videos in this subforum! ^_^
  • BabyZelda ♡ Admin
    Jun 7, 2017

    What are your favorite adolescent bands? Basically what you listened to in junior high school, and/or high school (young to mid teen years) ~ and do you still like them today? My two biggest musical obsessions during jr. high / high school were Nirvana and Korn. I listened to a ton more bands obviously, but was particularly addicted to those two. I still love them today, especially Korn.