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I'm Zelda *bows*~ sexy camgirl, indie game dev, gamer girl, anime nerd, introverted lover of all things nerdy & cosplay fantasy role play girl!                        ^__^ ~*

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Music and Videos

Discuss music related topics & post your favorite videos here!

Andrew Wuorinen
Aug 3, 2017

Yea, like the title says, going to be sharing a lot of music. I'll do my best to share music you might enjoy. I mean sure I'll throw personal favs but I do hope you'll enjoy them as well^_^
BabyZelda ♡ Admin
Jul 17, 2017

a.k.a. (hed) p.e. ... forgot I liked this band! Nostalgic. Music video is their song Bartender. Feel free to just randomly share fun to watch music videos in this subforum! ^_^
BabyZelda ♡ Admin
Jun 7, 2017

What are your favorite adolescent bands? Basically what you listened to in junior high school, and/or high school (young to mid teen years) ~ and do you still like them today? My two biggest musical o