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(30 min) WARNING: CONTAINS LITTLE VIRGIN ASS MIRROR FUCK DOUBLE PENETRATION with 2 TOYS WHILE MY LEG SHAKES UNCONTROLLABLY THE WHOLE TIME!!! LOTS OF LEG-SHAKEY EDGING! o.o I start off with a BlowJob to get you hot! Virgin first time ever trying to titty fuck your cock! :3 I excitedly slide your cock between my big E-CUP TiTTiES! ^__^ Then a *FULL* mirror cock fucking show (*ALL* angles & close-ups). The mirror show starts with the mirror cock fuck cowgirl view! I then do a *SUPER* upclose frontal cow girl view! Then super upclose BOOTY cowgirl fucking view. Then I bring out my buttplug! I'm a little anal virgin so I usually don't do more than my little finger in my ass, but this time I fuck your cock in my little pussy while fucking my virgin ass with my buttplug AT THE SAME TIME!! o.o (I never do something this naughty normally!! XD) I fuck you like this for quite a while (EDGING ON YOUR COCK with my little leg trembling)! I CUM SUPER HARD AND LOUDLY!! XD Then a 2nd more relaxed cum of me with clit on hitachi, finger-fucking my little ass with it on display super close-up for you!! :3 We then snuggle a bit! hehe


$15.99 Regular Price
$6.40Sale Price
  • Cowgirl, Damsel in Distress, Double Anal, Double Penetration, Extreme Close-ups

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