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2 HOURS! FULL LiVESHOW + ♡ SUPER FUN SHOW! I start in full Harley Quinn costume/cosplay! ^__^ I do sexy/fun banter & dancing! Strip tease my way to naked, full naked dancing! So much dancing and foreplay! My hair is in pigtails! c: Today I use HARDCORE REAL CHAIN NIPPLE CLAMPS for the very 1st time! :o I also UNBOX my new fuck machine and show off the 9 COCK ATTACHMENTS for it! I then pick my favorite looking one and fuck my new fuck machine for the VIRGIN 1st TIME EVER! The room controls the speed form 0 -  MAX SPEED. I get super creamy with cream streaming from my tight pussy to my ass and cum hard! I then do snuggles and show off 3 of my 4 birdies (parrots)!


$17.99 Regular Price
$7.20Sale Price
  • Fuck Machine, First Time, Virgin, Big Tits, Big Boobs, Big Ass, Creamy, Creampie, Redhead

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