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(1.5 hours ~ 2 BIG FUCK MACHINE CUMS [MAX SPEED], ONE VIRTUAL DATING SIM CUM) I'm a bratty bitchy girl (tsundere) ~ with a soft center (maybe!!! XD)! This is the PERFECT mean girl fucking vid! I do mean girl dirty talk, derisively bitching at you the whole time you fuck me!! I CUM HARD TWICE ~ not like you deserve it or anything (fuck machine front view, and ass view with virginal ass fucking!!). I do lots of foreplay, snuggles and naked dancing/twerking. I then play Hunie Pop Dating simulator and HAVE SEX WITH BITCHY GIRL AUDREY (tsundere) for the first time ever (It's my 2nd time having sex in that game, first girl was Tiffany, go here for the vid of my embarrassing FIRST TIME~ )!!! :3 AUDREY CUMS HARD. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE TSUNDERE VID. FUCKING BUY IT OR ELSE.. pfft. Like I really care..


$21.99 Regular Price
$8.80Sale Price
  • Anime, Femdom, Femdom POV, Femdom, Sex Nerdy Girls, tsundere, brat, bratty, mean, bitch, bitchy, evil, huniepop, let's play, gaming

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