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32 mins, 1080p [Lifelike HD Quality, Private] + ♡ Super *** rare *** ~ fun private show!  I'm a shy chubby girl (THICC) and in this I get all the way naked after much shy talking, embarrassment, and kind encouragement! eep! o//v//o I start off with my hair down (no pony tails) like it is usually in my daily life off cam. I'm also fully dressed in my normal clothes to start (Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt, One Piece black hoodie, Nightmare Before Christmas pajama pants, with white bra and panties underneath. I model my normal clothes for you! =^__^= I then strip off the top and am just in my bra and pajama pants teasing you! :D (with chubby tummy out on display... uwu... so shy~) I then strip to just bra and panties! Prancing around and modelling. Then I remove my bra and touch myself through and under my panties (which is the only thing left on). I feel a wet spot in my panties! *blush* I take off the panties and show you! :o I'm now completely fully nude! I also show my arms no arm warmers briefly! hehe! I then give you a POV blowjob and suck your sexy hard cock! :9 Deepthroat attempts. Finally, I fuck your cock completely naked cowgirl style (on top of you) ~ and use you as my fuck doll til I cum HARD with your cock fully penetrating my tight little pussy! <3 SUPER HD 1080p CLOSE-UP of the fucking, face, boobs, pussy and tight winking asshole after the CUM! Epic thanks to ShyNorthener for the sweet, sexxxy private! o.o <3

Shy Chubby THICC Seduction Naked Fuck BJ

$20.99 Regular Price
$8.40Sale Price
  • chubby, thicc, fat, big boobs, big ass, big belly, naked tummy, POV blowjob, strip tease

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