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(45 min) SOO MUCH CREAM GUSHING OUT DURING THE FUCKING ^__^ I model my sexy Pikachu girl cosplay for some ELECTRIC FOREPLAY before the action!! ^__^ This vid is really HEAVY ON THE innocently naughty STRIP TEASE (20min -- ONLY THE GOOD PARTS) and trying to look as cuuute as possible before you fuck me~!! A sultry way to get you ROCK HARD! I lick my BIG E CUP BOOBIES up close, twice! ^_^ I lotion boobs and GROPE THEM. I dance around lewdly for you and flash EVERYTHING (even tummy) and slowly slip pieces of clothes off! Then it's 25min of FUCKING! I grind my hitachi in my cute little pika dress before I strip it off! I then take your cock!! XD The deathstar fuck machine has 8 INTENSE SPEEDS, and most of the time I fuck it on MAX SPEED! THE CREAM GUSHES OUT THE WHOLE TIME, FOR ONE GIANT GUSH AT THE END. Extreme closeups throughout! ^__^

Pikachu Gushing Cream FuckMachine Tease!

$15.99 Regular Price
$6.40Sale Price
  • pikachu, Cream Pie, Fuck Machine, Big Boobs, Cosplay, Anime, pokemon

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