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3 Hours ♡ FULL Liveshow! I'm a tropical paradise!! Lots of get to know you questions, nerdy banter / jokes, & music. Cosplay stripping, tease, & SO MUCH fun dancing & lots of full nakey tummy action / full naked dancing (NOTHiNG ON AT ALL *super rare*)! Do a barrel roll! Mirror twin kiss make-out! Sexy BLOWJOB, deep throat & titty fuck!!! Full hyper, energetic POGO COCK FUCK cumshow with tummy out the whole time (front view, [super close ups of PUSSY PARADiSE getting POGOCOCK fucked] ass view, [super close ups of ass view getting POGOCOCK fucked), fucking DOUBLE PENETRATION [finger ass while pussy is getting fucked]!!) Sexy squish squish sounds & dripping creamy-ness!! Closeup of cum, pussy and booty. Dirty talk the whole time! ^__^ Super fun hyper fuck and show! Snuggles~ I sing songs and chill! :D

Paradise 3hr Pogocock Fuck BJ Full Naked

$17.99 Regular Price
$7.20Sale Price
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