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3.5 HOURS, 3+ CUMS, Multiple Orgasms! I'm very sp00ky ~ 2 different cosplays ~ virgin 1st time as Medusa & for the 2nd half I'm a sp00ky bat! LiVESHOW + ♡ SUPER FUN SHOW! So much Medusa roleplaying, get to know you questions, nerdy jokes, & music. Cosplay stripping, tease, & SO MUCH fun dancing & lots of full nakey tummy action / full naked dancing! 2+ crazy CUMS~ SO MUCH DiRTY TALK!! Medusa cum ~ Pink Sakura FUCK MACHiNE ALL ViEWS (front, up close, ass, and ass view up close, ass fucking)!! Front SUPER CREAMY FUCKiNG CUM!!! I lick up the cream. Ahegao face! SO MUCH DiRTY TALK!! DOUBLE PENETRATION ASS FUCKiNG on MAX SPEED!! Dirty talk & hot moaning the whole time. For the 3+ cums I am a Sp00ky Bat! SUPER UP-CLOSE MANUAL FUCKiNG!! I feel so horny it feels like I'm cumming the whole time during this! ;) SOO CREAMY!!! Multiple orgasms! Snuggles, more cosplay / naked dancing and singing 3 songs! Nerdy must see!

Multiple Orgasm Mania Sp00ky Medusa Bat!

$17.99 Regular Price
$7.20Sale Price
  • close ups, close-ups, extreme close-ups, up close, curvy, fuck machine, creamy, spooky, scary, evil

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