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(40 min) I'm Mileena ~ from Mortal Kombat! My adorable friend Kitana is watching me ~ so I'm trying to look cute for her (you can see her cam briefly twice in the vid ~ she's all dressed up for me in her Kitana cosplay ~ also from Mortal Kombat)! She's just an innocent watcher so NO you don't get to see her do anything but look CUUUTE! :3 I model my Ninja outfit for some nice foreplay before the CRAZY ACTION. My nipples are SOO HARD the whole time (and you can see it AND MY TUMMY IS VISIBLE THE WHOLE TIME [up until the fucking] even though I'm SHYY o.o)! I dance around to the Mortal Kombat theme song and then decide it's time to get fucked!! ^__^ I dexterously hold YOUR COCK with my little feet & toes and FUCK MYSELF with it! I CREAM soo much it's GUSHING OUT while fucking ~ and finally I cum HARD while my beautiful friend Kitana watches innocently!! =^____^=

Mileena Faps Kitana Watches Creamy Fuck!

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  • Girl Girl, Cosplay, Costume, Footjobs, Cream Pie, ninja, mask fetish, mileena, mortal kombat

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