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(23 min, 1080p [Lifelike HD Quality] ♡ JOI DEVIL STEALS YOUR SPERM JACK OFF) [[ Custom video directed by RossViana45. To direct a *private* or (cheaper) *non-private* Custom Video e-mail me at for details! ^_^ ]] THIS VID IS MY BEST, MOST INSTRUCTIONAL JACK OFF INSTRUCTION VIDEO YET!!!  I'm Lady Diablo (aka The Devil), and once again you've got a debt to pay!!! So I'm going to make you my little slave! You have to do EVERYTHING I say, or ELSE (alludes to Pandora's Box)! *strips dances ALL THE WAY NAKED (full naked)* I can see you getting hard through your pants, don't try to deny it! I demand you to jerk off for me, to my exacting specifications ~ your speed, firmness, & technique better be perfect! Or else  *later* Hmm.. you're pretty good, for a human. Quite amusing I might add.. I *might* actually enjoy this! We'll see. Includes *SURPRISE* decision on where you should cum (after much deliberation), several countdowns including a FINAL COUNTDOWN, and a BIIIGGG SURPRISE AT THE END!!!  Note: There is A LOT more to this vid, you have to see it to experience it all! [[ SIMILAR VIDEOS YOU'D ENJOY~ (Part 1) ... && ... (Part 2)!!-:o/ ... you'd like these vids too! My other Devil vid sounds *very* similar but it's actually *very* different!!! ]]


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  • devil, evil, demon, daemon, JOI, JOI Games, Femdom, Female Domination, Domination

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