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(41 min) NERDIEST FAP EVAR. I'm a virgin in real life (to boys, not girls o.o), but not in Hunie Pop dating simulator anymore!!! :3 This vid contains the epic day the lead to me losing my virginity, ehehe!! I'm SOO SHYY AND EMBARRASSED DURING THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE!! Vid starts off with a superrr naked cock fuck cumshow!! ^__^ I'm blushing and shy but naked atop your cock fucking you cowgirl style! :p I do a superr close up shot of the fucking, my tummy, boobs and face for the first time ever! o.o I cum hard and shake my ass in your face and spread (you can see how CREAMY I AM AFTER CUMMING)! Then the games begin!! I play Hunie Pop dating simulator with my big DD-cup boobs out the whole time! I've had my eyes on Tiffany (little lolita school girl) since I stated playing the game and now I'm going to give her the D (my in game character is a male, lol)!! I get her super krunk then take her on a date! Spoiler alert: WE HAVE SEX AFTERWARDS (virgin first time having sex in the game, and I'm all frantic shy and embarrassed at what ensues!! hehe). I blush throught this whole damn vid @.@


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