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(17 min, 1080p [Lifelike HD Quality]) ♡ Thank you Master for pampering me and paying for me to get my nails done! They'll look so dainty on your cock! ^-^ I got my 2nd ever manicure & pedicure and VIRGIN *first* time with long faux acryllic nails (lots of CLOSE UPS)! Watch me model my dainty nails for you! :3 [[ Custom video directed by Zuul2016. To direct a *private* or (cheaper) *non-private* Custom Video e-mail me at for details! ^_^ ]] I then use coconut oil my tits and grope them while modelling my nails and dainty little fingers for you! I wrap my hands around your hard cock and do BJ! :9 I also try deep throating you! :3 I then fuck myself hard and CREAM EVERYWHERE! SOO MUCH CREAM. I get a creamy mess all over my dainty little fingers! o.o


$19.99 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
  • Finger Nail Fetish, Finger Nail Polishing, Long Nails, Foot Fetish, Toenail Polish

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