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50 min! FULL LiVESHOW + ♡ BANNED TOY! This toy is BANNED on CB so I can never use it! I've actually been KiCKED OFF the site for using such an EXPLiCiT toy! But in this I'm a naughty kitty and I use it anyway!!! ehehehe... jk jk I wasn't on CB during this, just MFC where tailed buttplugs are allowed! :3 nyan~ ANYWAY, lots of sexy kitty foreplay, dancing, trying to look naughty, feral, and naked for your cock! ;3 I start off with a full BLOWJOB show, and then USE ALL THE ANAL TOYS!!! I start off innocently enough with my finger (I'm an ANAL ViRGiN), fucking my little tight ass for you, booty bouncing! I then use my red vanilla buttplug to put something HARD in there! And thennn... MY GiANT KiTTY TAiL BUTTPLUG!!! ;3 It takes a lot of patience and work to get it in, but it's SO WORTH IT!!  I fuck my ass with it til I CUM HARD! I then prance around like a naughty naked kitty wagging my tail ^__^ I think I role play dirty talk in this too... 13.37 PRiCE, ENJOY! :3


SKU: 0016
$13.37 Regular Price
$5.35Sale Price
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