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(27 MINUTES ~ So long!!, HD 1080p ~ So lifelike!!) THIS ONE'S ALL ABOUT THAT BIG BOUNCING NINJA BOOTY!! I'm ninja girl Mileena (from Mortal Kombat)! ^_^ I start off in full cosplay, dancing around for you! I giggle and moan cutely as I gaze into your eyes! :3 My tummy is NAKED THE WHOLE TIME, even though I'm very bashful and shy I belly dance for yoou! o.o For a full 15min I tease you with my ninja ass provocatively!!! ASS CLOSE-UPS, FLEXING, SMACKING, HUMPING AIR, ASS FROM ALL ANGLES! Finally I free my BIG BOUNCY E-CUP TITTIES! =^__^= I have pasties covering the nipples and play around with my tits before I reveal my cute erect nipples I was trying to keep down with the pasties! XD I then sensually strip dance off my booty shorts (leaving me TOTALLY NAKED breasts down), shaking my ass and moving towards you in sexy crawls and poses (emphasing my butt that I want you to grab hold of!!)! I then finger my ass looking at you longingly. I grope my boobs imagining your manly hands placed on them, grabbing them firmly. The whole time I grope my boobs like you are touching them as I begin to fingerfuck my tight little virgin asshole (while dirty talking)! I'm a young girl turned ninja due to the Great Ninja War and haven't had your delicious hard cock in me & I long for it adoringly! :3 I finger my little ass (tis very tight) imagining it's your cock (NINJAS DO IT FROM BEHIND). Oh *squirms* it feels soo good! I pant and moan cutely while fingering myself to you, eventually CUMMING HARD! :3


$22.99 Regular Price
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  • Ass Grinding, Ass Shaking, Ass Smacking, Cosplay, Mask Fetish, ninja

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