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(1080p, Blue Yeti ASMR bidirectional microphone)This is my VIRGIN first ASMR sexy vid using my Blue Yeti microphone (if you want to hear how powerful it is look at an ASMR vid I posted to YouTube using it, here ~ )! You can hear EVERYTHING ~ because I'm a seductive succubus goddess and I grant you God Powers! Your senses are turned up to the MAX and you can hear every sexy thing I do INTENSELY as if I'm right in the room with you! GO HERE FOR PART 1 (the foreplay) ... This is part 2, where the FUCKING begins! ^_^ I dirty talk to you in a soften spoken (sometimes whispering voice) the WHOLE TIME. I finger fuck myself and you can hear every little detail intimately (the moans, petting, groping, wetness, squishing, sloshing). I put my pussy in your face and you can hear and see my super wet pussy as it gets more and more SOAKED! :3 I want to send tingles from your head, down your spine to your ROCK HARD GOD SENSING COCK!! 

ASMR Succubus God Senses WET Fingerfuck!

$18.99 Regular Price
$7.60Sale Price
  • ASMR, Wet & Messy, Finger Fucking, Role Play, Dirty Talking, succubus

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