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40 min! FULL LiVESHOW + ♡ Not an ASMR vid ((meaning~ I CUM VERY LOUDLY, lol)), but I use my HIGH QUALITY ASMR mic the WHOLE TIME - so you can HEAR EVERYTHING! :3 SQUiSH SQUiSH, SQUiSH SQUiSH, SQUiSH SQUiSH. I start with a BLOWJOB SHOW right next to the mic! I then fuck my blue butterfly cock toy! SQUiSH SQUiSH, SQUiSH SQUiSH. I do DOUBLE PENETRATION and finger mylittle virgin asshole too! Then I get out my HUGE PINK VIBRATING COCK AND FUCK MYSELF WITH IT HARD. ^__^ SQUiSH SQUiSH, SQUiSH SQUiSH. CREAM IS STREAMING FROMMY PUSSY DOWN MY ASS THE WHOLE VIDEO! I CUUMMM~ Then I cum again!!! booty view, with booty humping, finger fucking my little asshole to hard BUTTPLUG FUCK! Pussy spread. Fun vid! Great sounds! ;D


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