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(1080p, 11min, Blue Yeti ASMR bidirectional microphone ~ hear me as if I'm in the room with you, in one ear, then the other! It's an experience like nothing else! [if you want to hear how powerful it is look at an ASMR vid I posted to YouTube using it, here ~ ]) This is my virgin 1st SUPER SUBMISSIVE vid and I'm innocent as a virginal angel!! Please see for Part 1 ~ this Angel vid is glorious on it's own but even better within the context of both vids together! 0 In this vid I (dirty) talk in a delicate soft submissive voice the wholee timeee (my best Fluttershy impression maybe? XD). My evil Devillish sister has cursed you! Oh, no, you poor, poor thing! Well it's okay cause I'm an Angel with angellic healing powers!! =^__^= I can surely save you! Just, uh, uhmm... *blushes heavily and looks away* there's just one thing you have to do.. you.. you have to "take advantage of me" to remove the curse.. o.o VID CONTAINS~ simulated "taking advantage of me" with fuck machine, cumming, & innocent fluttershy-like dirty talk and fantasy themes. A MUST SEE ~ but really make sure you see Part 1 first! XD

ANGEL ASMR Sub Take Advantage Of Me!!

$16.99 Regular Price
$6.80Sale Price
  • ASMR, BDSM, Costume, Fuck Machine, Submissive Sluts, angel, sweet

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