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I'm Zelda *bows*~ sexy camgirl, indie game dev, gamer girl, anime nerd, introverted lover of all things nerdy & cosplay fantasy role play girl!                        ^__^ ~*

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BabyZelda ♡ Admin
Jun 17, 2017

Super Mario Odyssey 👀 E3 Gameplay Let's Play 👀 New Demo



Figured I'd post this here, since I don't do pure gameplay Let's Plays super often. I went to E3 (2017) and played the Mario Odyssey Demo! ^_^ It was super fun! I was super nervous / excited, and wasn't really familiar with the Nintendo Switch joycons so it was hard for me to walk straight -- resulting in a very drunk looking Mario! Sorry about that, lol! I do manage to explore quite a bit of New Donk City and collect some Moons and Coins, however! Mario Odyssey looks amazing, definitely plan on buying it in October when it releases officially! The theme song sung by Pauline is super catchy and amazing sounding! Odyssey, yes see! Odyssey, yes see! ^_^

Darnell Bartlette
Jun 17, 2017

Im looking forward to the release of the game.

Andrew Wuorinen
Jun 18, 2017

Can't wait for the game to come out! ^_^

Jun 18, 2017

October can't come quick enough ^_^

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  • Aggron
    Jul 17, 2017

    Looking for new twitch streamers to follow. Also, BabyZelda; Why you no stream anymore?? D: my twitch channel is kromedrone if anyone was wondering. I stream pretty frequently.
  • BabyZelda ♡ Admin
    Jun 27, 2017

    I'm at E3! My first time ever. Will post about my experience as it unfolds here.
  • Goodeysniper
    Jun 3, 2017

    Hey so what is everyone currently playing? I just finished up mass effect andromeda Going back to Yazuka 0 now After that I have FF15 to get onto.