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Andrew Wuorinen
Jun 4, 2017

MST3K / Riff Trax


Been wondering how many Mystery Science Theater 3000 / Riff Trax fans are on here? If you don't know who that is MST3K is what basically started the whole trend on commentary in the first place. Like basically making fun of movies and etc. They basically make fun of cheesy or bad movies. I mean it's in their theme song. The show ran from 1988 to 1999. Since the show got canceled the team continue on without MST3K and created their own thing call Riff Trax which they still make fun of old movies but do current movies as well. Definitely the top ones that they touched are the Harry Potter series, Twilight series, Highschool Musical, The Last Airbender, Transformers series, Lord of the Rings series, Jurassic World, Birdemic: Shock and Terror, Sharknado, and so much more. Now I know some aren't like cheesy or bad in their list but you can still get a good laugh out of it. Time to time they will get cameos or even a whole group to join them when it comes to riffing movies, such as Weird Al, Channel Awesome, Chad Vader, TeamFourStar, and etc.



Interesting enough the show did got a revival thanks to Netflix, however only one cast member returned and it is a new formula they seem to go with. It's still good though. I like the fact that they got Jonah Ray and Felicia Day as the new cast. What's more they get cameos of other actors in it like Mark Hamill, Neil Patrick Harris, and etc.



BabyZelda ♡ Admin
Jul 17, 2017

Hadn't heard of this, thanks for letting me know about it! ^_^ I like making fun of cheesy/bad movies! XD

Andrew Wuorinen
Jul 17, 2017

You're welcome. Hope you become a big fan XD

Andrew Wuorinen
Jul 29, 2017

Thought I share the opening to the show Mystery Science Theater 3000. They had quite a bit of opening since changing members in the cast and story^~^



And might as well share some best of moments from them. Now keep in mind the show mainly did older cheesy films. They still do as Rifftrax but don't do the whole skits like the show.


MST3K - Favorite Moments - "Manos" The Hands of Fate



MST3K: The Best of The Final Sacrifice



Well they do a lot of Godzilla and Gamera films. Can't find any best of but they do have full episodes on YouTube

Andrew Wuorinen
Jul 29, 2017

Now Rifftrax fits more for those wanting more current type of jokes on today's films. Much easier to share with friends since not being the biggest fans of older films. They mainly prefer current films.


For the opening interesting enough is done by Harry Partridge.

Rifftrax Animated Intro



I'll just be sharing most of my favs. They still have a lot of funny jokes where I wish it made it to these best of moments but oh well. Now I know some people do love these movies but still fun to make fun of them^~^


The Twilight Saga



Last Airbender



High School Musical



All Harry Potter films



They also did all the Lord of the Rings films, all of Star Wars including the holiday special, Transformers, Spiderman, Sharknado series, James Cameron's Avatar, Titanic, Ninja Turtles, and so much more. You can look up the list of films they've done on their official website.

Should mention that they do live performances as well. Some select theaters will do a live showing of them in person while others on the same day will show their live performance from wherever they are.