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I'm Zelda *bows*~ sexy camgirl, indie game dev, gamer girl, anime nerd, introverted lover of all things nerdy & cosplay fantasy role play girl!                        ^__^ ~*

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BabyZelda ♡ Admin
Jul 17, 2017

Forum Member Picture Thread


Feel free to leave a piccy of yourself & a bit about yourself here! ^_^ <3


Me. I like fantasy!


Andrew Wuorinen
Jul 17, 2017Edited: Jul 17, 2017

Well you know me pretty well. Unless there's more you want to know. Just ask me anything XD

Andrew Wuorinen
Jul 17, 2017

Then again there's always endless stuff to know. Makes it fun^_^ plus, I'll be sharing more on the cosplay stuff XD

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